Daniel Breslan

Departure Board

Instantly check the trains departing from your local station. Supports Apple Watch. Accessible from everywhere using the Today view widget.

** Introductory offer: Premium Features reduced by over 70% for limited time - normal price will be £2.99 **

Departure Board is a simple application that displays the information found on rail departure board signs across the UK. When launched, Departure Board will use your location to find that station nearest to you and it will instantly load the rail departure board for it. Departure Board will display the time and platform that the train is due to depart from.



Smart Scorer

Smart Scorer is a simple score keeping workout app for Apple Watch. Built specifically for watchOS 2.


Email me to beta test.

Simple Timer: the timer for iOS 7.

Simple Timer is an elegant countdown timer app, which allows up to 30 concurrent timers.

It has been created to fully embrace iOS7, it's technologies and design language.

Ticci Tweets

Promised by Myke.

Described by Stephen.

For Federico.

On Connected #17.

Federico Viticci loves his Pasta, his Espresso, his iPad and GIFs; they are the only topics that he tweets about.

After his epic journey through the state of Twitter Clients in 2014 on MacStories, Mr Stephen Hackett described his ideal client and this is that client! You can now quickly and easily tweet all about Federico things with a few quick easy steps.

This application creates precomposed tweets based on the topic you select; you can also easily attach an image to your tweet.